by Ernia

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Richter I'd argue that this album deserves 5 5/7s out of 7. Just sayin'. Favorite track: Heroes of Withdrawal.
Jimmy McNulty
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Jimmy McNulty Easily the best compilation of Machine Head cover songs THIS detective has heard. Ernia puts a unique spin on each track, adding a splash of creative genius to the classic Machine Head songs we've grown to love over the decades. Also, <3 Daniel Valcazar. 10 5/7's out of 10: a purr-fect score! Favorite track: Sabbath for the Zionist.
Taco Crisma
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Taco Crisma I found this band on Trevor Strnad's underground music blog - they are amazing. Perfect combo of death and grind with killer riffs.
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Ernia's first full length album. Written between late 2012 and 2015. Recorded in late 2015.


released August 27, 2016

-Omar I. Sánchez: vocals, noise, lyrics (all tracks except 9 & 13)
-Gabriel Valcázar: drums, counting
-Adrián Ruiz: bass
-Daniel Espinosa: guitar (R), lyrics (tracks 9 & 13)
-Daniel Valcázar: guitar (L)

Vocals on track 1 by Artyom Gusev.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at MPC studios by Daniel Valcázar.

All music written by Ernia and Artyom Gusev, except tracks 1, 5, 7, 8 and 12, written by Ernia.




Ernia Logroño, Spain

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Track Name: The Limits of Purity
Into the reign of the Blue Sun
I see the dawn and grief of a new past.

The mountain is upon us
Devouring only the ground,
Choosing the rotten ones.
<<I know, I'm part of them.>>


Let's fall into her deep mouth,
I won't fight against her jaws.
Let's take a deep breath,
This will mean my death.

I can’t fall.

I won't go.

The limits
Of purity.
The images
Of a sempiternal

Track Name: Forest Pt. 1 (Blind Willow/Sleeping Woman)
The shadows
Are starting to drill
As if they were arrows.

A thousand flies have spread the pollen
Of the Blind Willow, that infects the fallen.

A man is trying to rescue – A young girl.
But he is so terrified – <<Is she still alive?>>
Flies are inside her ears – On a curl.
All the pollen deposited – To procreate.

A tragedy known, carved on her bones.

The flies could be
Eating her entrails.
He must gain speed
To save her intestines

So close to the place
Where she lies,
He gathers courage
For her to flourish.

Blind Willow//Sleeping Woman.
Our hero//Is just a human.

He is
In front of her.

He is
Watching her face.

She is

Dead, eaten and partially devoured.
Track Name: Sabbath for the Zionist
Goyim, gentiles, non-jews, God slaves.

Good for us,
Good for the jews.
The Shabbos goy
Is our employee.
America is our silo
Against the scum.

Our bombs
Are the will of God
Against the Arabs,
Against the world.
Gaza is our

A long-range missile
For Palestine,
To erase the occupants.

The Land of Israel
It's fulfilled with death,
A stain on the Earth.

Our greed is
What we please
Our pleasure is
What we need.

The world will be
On its knees.
Sabbath for the Zionist.
War and famine for the Goy.
Track Name: Free of Avidya

Humanity is an anchor
That sinks under its own weight.
Bitter – Their nauseating rancor,
That is just the catalyst, another bait.

Why can't anyone be sincere with themselves?
They are just containers of fear and despair.

Another “slut” blossoming.
Another act of faith.
Another idol promising
A place in her own space.
Searching for answers
Or just a common place?
Maybe this house of raptures,
A cathedral in a database.

Above the kennel.
Pulling the strings – Of bird creation.
Poem tangential
Evoking endless sophistication.

Frivolous – Nympholept.

Why can't anyone be sincere with themselves?
They are just containers of fear and despair.

Free of Avidyia.
Free of Ignorance.
Track Name: Lunatic Lovers
When the cicada sings
You will die under the cumulus cloud.
When the cicada sings
You will die.

When you die
Your aborted fetus celebrates a funeral.
When you die
I want you to bring to me
Flowers from the beyond.

In your pocket, hide those bones
That you don't want anybody to touch.

Storm of moans,
It shouts.
Storm of moans,
It cries.

And a summer day,
Dressed in a suit of flowers.
Suddenly – Dies.
Track Name: Forest Pt. 2 (The Seventh Man)
Flashback – A typhoon just beat us.
K and I, we are in the eye.

The waves retreating,
I am fleeing.

K was swallowed by the ocean – While I watched it in stop-motion.

He's riding a wave,
Grinning at my own face.

Listen to the seventh man's tale – While his face is turning pale.

Approaching the sea,
Where dwells K.
Track Name: Heroes of Withdrawal
The one who is able to forget
The principles that govern him
Will have the honor
Of being
The hero
Of the withdrawal

In search
Of a difficult
The hero of
The withdrawal
He will never be
Remembered with pride

All of us are being

We are becoming the generation
Remembered as
The Heroes
Of withdrawal

With no
Value to act
The Heroes
Of withdrawal
Sellers of
Our future
Never with pride

Leaving everything we can be
In the hands of others
Incapable of dealing with it
Only able to sell it

Our future sold
To a power that is based on
Feeding on our conformism
And our lack of awareness

The Heroes of withdrawal
With no value to act

The Heroes of withdrawal
That is what we are
Track Name: Time to Find the Broken Days (Stand By)
<<I bought a new t-shirt today with the thought of giving it to you.
But you look so pure and perfect so I flushed it down the loo.>>
You look so empty and comatose
That I can see through you
You look so pretty in your glass skin
Depending of the angle of view.

Expiring, saying “goodbye”. Evaporating in the cyber eye.
Stand by. Please, stand by.

They placed orchids on her bed
While her sunflowers were extinguished.
Petals of roses bloomed on her cheeks
Turning them red, over the pale.

A peony obstructs her neck
While tulips sprout from her heart.
Amaryllis hiding in her head,
Berries and fruits, time to restart.

I heard the moaning, I heard her dying in pain.
I heard the last groan and everything was in vain.

She finds no answers in the land of the dead.
“He's going to save me”, was all she said.

There never was a permissive God.
Copper hands that cannot take the sod.

And break the spot where all is being held.
And break the instant when all went out of control.

When was [there] time to find the broken days?

Expiring, saying “goodbye".
Stand by. Please, stand by.
Track Name: The Flowers on Our Backs
What do we hold on our backs?
What do we have onto our shoulders?

The flowers of redemption.
The flowers of isolation.
The flowers of a reckless action
Trying to provide a necessary negotiation.

We tried to understand
Why we have this on us.
Is that the weight of the Sun
Burning our necks?

<<The flowers on our backs.>>

Are heavier than all the stars.
The meaningless of trust
Is carrying all this rust
And is burning our necks.

<<The flowers on our backs.>>

So what do we hold on our backs?
And why?
Track Name: Burn the Tail of a Dead Rat
Deserts [are] fading, always facing the Deep Temple.
Oceans [are] shining, firewater tastes like plastic and metal.
Tundras (Fade-in) leading, feeding for their own raving.
Gardens dehydrating, paling faces are aching.

Fix up my rib cage and spit on my lungs. <<Use a pair of tongues.>>
Read another page and say it out loud. Say <<Je en sais pas.>>
Skip your job with rage when it's allowed. Say <<Trou du cul.>>
Strip onstage and fly away if you're proud. <<Vas te faire foutre.>>

Browbeat – Dead rats inside.
Offbeat – The knot that ties us
It's bowing – Before our eyes.
Let us fly away – High to the skies.

A pair of empty faces – Like empty traces.
Nothing will be the same – Nothing will repair this pain again.
Track Name: The Confirmation of the Absurd
The confirmation of the absurd
The stupidity personified
And then raised
To its maximum expression
Reasoning like a politician
Adding misery to misery trying to influence
Its public

Until finally
The infinity
Looks perceivable

Grotesque show
Catching interest
By random

The hyperbolic
Diverting towards
Deeper ignorance

The art of the rhetoric
Empty and vain
And the criticism
Of the new biases

The originality of the scholars
Residing in the repetition
Of the last quotation
As a single source of full knowledge

The absurdity of millions
Of artificial moons
In our place where
The rain sucks to humanity