Time to Find the Broken Days (Stand By)

from by Ernia

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The two first verses are extracted from the comic book Tank Girl.


<<I bought a new t-shirt today with the thought of giving it to you.
But you look so pure and perfect so I flushed it down the loo.>>
You look so empty and comatose
That I can see through you
You look so pretty in your glass skin
Depending of the angle of view.

Expiring, saying “goodbye”. Evaporating in the cyber eye.
Stand by. Please, stand by.

They placed orchids on her bed
While her sunflowers were extinguished.
Petals of roses bloomed on her cheeks
Turning them red, over the pale.

A peony obstructs her neck
While tulips sprout from her heart.
Amaryllis hiding in her head,
Berries and fruits, time to restart.

I heard the moaning, I heard her dying in pain.
I heard the last groan and everything was in vain.

She finds no answers in the land of the dead.
“He's going to save me”, was all she said.

There never was a permissive God.
Copper hands that cannot take the sod.

And break the spot where all is being held.
And break the instant when all went out of control.

When was [there] time to find the broken days?

Expiring, saying “goodbye".
Stand by. Please, stand by.


from Ernia, released August 27, 2016




Ernia Logroño, Spain

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