God's Crusade

by Ernia

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Recorded sporadically between July 2012 and May 2013 (can't believe it took so damn long) at several undisclosed locations.

All instruments and vocals preformed by the actual human beings listed below (save for the samples on tracks 1, 3 & 4).


released 09 June 2013

Daniel Espinosa - Right Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics, Jumping around like a maniac

Artyom Gusev - Bass, Vocals, Production, That thing that goes in front of the microphone

Gabriel Valcázar - Drums, Hair, Actually writing most of the music

Daniel Valcázar - Left Guitar, Lyrics, Samples, Recording, Engineering, Mixing



all rights reserved


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Track Name: God's Crusade
Armed with crosses
Prepared to die for
Their wealth expansion
Shielded by God

Kill and rape
To serve the one true God you follow
Blind crusade
To slaughter those who test your faith

Baptized in their blood
With death they pay
for life and sin and ignorance
Suffer for Him
Burn their cities down
Nowhere to run
Bow down and kiss
the pious blade
Fear the wrath of God’s Crusade

Now it’s time
To purge the earth of infidels
Soon they die
Sentenced to forever
burn in Hell

God is limitless
The throes of faith
will damn us to repeat this mess
Until belief is done and dead

On Earth
As it is in Heaven
Throats broken
Praying forgiveness
Track Name: Part of the Engine
Acting like a headless snake
Move without sense

They’re just a part of the engine
Waiting for orders of their command

Not capable of any function
They are unconscious
Unless their primacy is in question
When they make a demonstration

Showing their power
Causing disgrace
Using violence to pacify
The popular strength
Track Name: Pain Corrupters
Second hand desolation
Brave Collapse

A pain corrupted
By the cynicism
Of scavengers
A consolation buried
By the rattling
Of the Holy Gold that blinds them

Chewing, repugnant, resonating
in the vaults
Promising us absolution

The Pain Corrupters

It won’t be me
who shares
your heavenly banquet
I don’t need
forgivness for what you call
Track Name: Victim of Progress
Destroyed again and again
Right before his eyes
He’s seen his home and shelter
Through flames of pure greed

He has learned to survive
The pain and hardship of his life

Destroyed again and again
Because his hard work
Could not pay the toll
Of the developed world
Track Name: P.C.R. (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
Intracraneal infection
After neurosurgical intervention
Is most often caused
By bacteria

A rare case
Of fatal herpes

After removal
of a meningioma
is described
in similar cases
reported in
are reviewed

Recent diagnostic tools
Including detection of herpes

Viral DNA sequences
by Polymerase Chain Reaction

Complement clinical
suspicion and facilitate
mandatory early diagnosis
because herpes encephalitis…

…may (lead to severe disability or) death